Jeff Stone on NPR's "Day to Day"
Recorded at Borders Bookstore in Torrence, CA. Length: 5 minutes.

Excellent interview in BookPage Magazine.

Great SCBWI interview for aspiring writers, PLUS see Jeff's editors dressed as monks!


TIGER by Jeff Stone

· ALA/YALSA 2006 Quick Pick for
Reluctant Young Adult Readers

· A Hawaii Nene Award Nominee
2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007

· A New Hampshire Great Stone
Face Book Award Master List

· BookSense New England
Best Seller

· A BookPage Notable Title 2005

· BookSense Summer Reading
2005 List

· Quills Award Nominee 2005

· Atlanta Parent Magazine
“2005 Favorite Titles of the Year”

· Disney Adventures Magazine
“What We’re Reading Now”
March 2005

· Publisher’s Weekly Starred
Review - January 2005

MONKEY by Jeff Stone

· ALA/YALSA 2006 Quick Pick for
Reluctant Young Adult Readers

· BookSense Winter Reading
2005 List

SNAKE by Jeff Stone

· Children's Choices 2007
International Reading Association

CRANE by Jeff Stone

· ALA/YALSA 2008 Quick Pick for
Reluctant Young Adult Readers


PHOENIX by Jeff Stone

"Kung fu, bicycle racing and an ancient Chinese supersteroid provide the central elements for a spinoff series opener set in the modern era from the creator of the Five Ancestors heptalogy. Stone stirs in characters and locales that connect new series with old. He also mixes plenty of well-informed racing-bike talk and action (on trail and cyclocross courses alike) with spectacular feats of kung fu, battles against well-armed heavies, comedic and sentimental moments, twists of fortune and other conventions of martial-arts tales. A thrill ride from start to finish for fans of high-speed plank hurdles and scorpion kicks alike. (Fantasy. 11-13)"
--Kirkus Reviews

TIGER by Jeff Stone

"Set in 17th-century China (aka '4348—Year of the Tiger'), Stone’s debut novel launches his riveting Five Ancestors series. Stone credibly portrays Fu as alternately sympathetic and maddening, true to his adolescent nature, and the martial arts scenes will keep even reluctant readers flipping through the pages, and anxious for volume two, Monkey."
Publishers Weekly · STARRED REVIEW

"The quest of the warrior monk, deadly elegant in battle yet bound by a sacred honor, is a popular story. The read is fast paced and accessible and the fighting patterned after animals is intriguing; in light of the promise of plenty of action and even more secrets to unfold in later books, young warriors-to-be will likely read the whole series."
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Essentially a graphic novel without the graphics, this book should have broad appeal to readers who love computer games and Japanese anime. Teens are likely to warm to the implicit theme that each person has a particular destiny, an inborn sense of identity that must be brought to light. A page-turner, employing slapstick humor from time to time in true manga style. An adventure story."
School Library Journal

MONKEY by Jeff Stone

"Stone has done a masterful job of managing an intricate plot, developing authentic characters, and writing well-described fight scenes. An easy and worthy sell to middle-grade readers."
School Library Journal

"Amid much treetop back and forth with a mysterious old macaque, Malao torments his companions with continual chaffing, while participating in hyper-complicated pranks and well-described battles marked by stunning physical feats…stay tuned."
Kirkus Reviews

SNAKE by Jeff Stone

"Taking on a third orphan of the quintet who were living at Cangzhen Temple with their Grandmaster, Jeff Stone continues his ("riveting," in PW's words in a starred review) Five Ancestors series with Snake, focusing on 12-year-old Seh after the temple's destruction. Seh seeks answers and attempts to avoid terrifying Ying. Fans of the series' signature martial arts and mind games will find plenty more here."
Publishers Weekly

CRANE by Jeff Stone

"A powerful novel about transitions and resolve."
Barnes and Noble